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Family of John WALLACE and Margaret CUNNINGHAM

Husband: John WALLACE (1530-1570)
Wife: Margaret CUNNINGHAM (1533-1573)
Children: John WALLACE (1550-1586)
Annabella WALLACE (1557- )

Husband: John WALLACE

Name: John WALLACE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Aug 1530 Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland
Title Sir
Death 10 Aug 1570 (age 39-40) Craigie, Ayrshire, Scotland

Wife: Margaret CUNNINGHAM

Name: Margaret CUNNINGHAM
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander CUNNINGHAM ( - )
Mother: Janet HAMILTON (1517-1574)
Birth 1533 Glencairn, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Death Jun 1573 (age 39-40) Glencairn, Dumfries-shire, Scotland

Child 1: John WALLACE

Name: John WALLACE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes STEWART ( -1584)
Children: Matthew WALLACE (c. 1574-1641)
Birth 1550 Holmston, Ayrshire, Scotland
Title the third
Death 1586 (age 35-36) Craigie, Angus, Scotlan

Child 2: Annabella WALLACE

Name: Annabella WALLACE
Sex: Female
Birth 1557 Holmston, Ayrshire, Scotland

Note on Wife: Margaret CUNNINGHAM

Note on Child 1: John WALLACE

Note on Child 2: Annabella WALLACE