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Family of Ambrose WRIGHT and Hannah GIBBONS

Husband: Ambrose WRIGHT (1754-1834)
Wife: Hannah GIBBONS (1755-1792)
Children: Ambrose WRIGHT (1781- )
Hannah WRIGHT (1786- )

Husband: Ambrose WRIGHT

Name: Ambrose WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1754 Otley, Suffolk, England
Death 1834 (age 79-80) Ashbooking, Suffolk, England

Wife: Hannah GIBBONS

Name: Hannah GIBBONS
Sex: Female
Father: John GIBBONS (c. 1731-1775)
Mother: Sarah GARDINER (c. 1722-1803)
Birth Mar 1755 Ashbocking, Suffolk, England
Christening 6 Apr 1755 (age 0) Ashbocking, Suffolk, England
Death 6 Aug 1792 (age 37) Ashbocking, Suffolk, England

Child 1: Ambrose WRIGHT

Name: Ambrose WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Birth 1781

Child 2: Hannah WRIGHT

Name: Hannah WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Birth 1786

Note on Wife: Hannah GIBBONS