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Family of William CHURCHYARD and Mary KING

Husband: William CHURCHYARD (c. 1757-1835)
Wife: Mary KING (c. 1768-1850)
Children: Mary CHURCHYARD (c. 1794-1833)

Husband: William CHURCHYARD

Name: William CHURCHYARD
Sex: Male
Father: Simon CHURCHYARD (c. 1718-c. 1793)
Mother: Elizabeth NAUNTON (1725-c. 1808)
Birth c. 1757 Martlesham, Suffolk, England
Death May 1835 (age 77-78) Coddenham, Suffolk, England

Wife: Mary KING

Name: Mary KING
Sex: Female
Father: James Goodrum KING (1740-1813)
Mother: -
Birth c. 1768
Death 24 Jun 1850 (age 81-82) Bosmere District, Suffolk, England

Child 1: Mary CHURCHYARD

Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas GIBBONS (1787-1865)
Children: Thomas GIBBONS (1815-1878)
William GIBBONS (1818- )
Edward GIBBONS (1819-1870)
Joseph GIBBONS (1821- )
Mary GIBBONS (1824-1865)
Birth c. 1794
Death 5 Dec 1833 (age 38-39)

Note on Husband: William CHURCHYARD

Note on Wife: Mary KING

Note on Child 1: Mary CHURCHYARD