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Family of Henry PEYTON and Katherine Eleanore CLIFTON

Husband: Henry PEYTON (1590-1656)
Wife: Katherine Eleanore CLIFTON (1602-1659)
Children: Valentine PEYTON (1627-1665)

Husband: Henry PEYTON

Name: Henry PEYTON
Sex: Male
Father: Henry PEYTON (1565-1622)
Mother: Frances Peyton PENNINGTON (1565-1641)
Birth Apr 1590 Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, Armiger Co, England
Death 7 Apr 1656 (age 65-66) London, England

Wife: Katherine Eleanore CLIFTON

Name: Katherine Eleanore CLIFTON
Sex: Female
Father: William CLIFTON (1574-1637)
Mother: Bridget SANDYS (1571-1654)
Birth Apr 1602 Newlands, Surrey, England
Death Apr 1659 (age 56-57) St Dunstan in The West, London, England

Child 1: Valentine PEYTON

Name: Valentine PEYTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Frances GERARD (1628-1677)
Children: Judith PEYTON (1662-1716)
Birth 31 Jul 1627 St Dunstan in the West London England
Title Colonel
Death 29 Jun 1665 (age 37) Nominy, Westmoreland, Virginia, United States

Note on Husband: Henry PEYTON

Note on Wife: Katherine Eleanore CLIFTON

Note on Child 1: Valentine PEYTON