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Family of Henry NAUNTON and Elizabeth ASHBY

Husband: Henry NAUNTON (c. 1549-1599)
Wife: Elizabeth ASHBY (c. 1542- )
Children: Robert NAUTON (1563-1635)

Husband: Henry NAUNTON

Name: Henry NAUNTON
Sex: Male
Father: William NAUNTON (1509-1592)
Mother: Elizabeth Margaret WINGFIELD (1515-1592)
Birth c. 1549 Otley, Suffolk, England
Death 5 Aug 1599 (age 49-50) England

Wife: Elizabeth ASHBY

Name: Elizabeth ASHBY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1542

Child 1: Robert NAUTON


Spouse: Penelope PERROT, Robert Naunton 1563

Name: Robert NAUTON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Penelope PERROT (1588-1655)
Children: Thomas NAUNTON (c. 1627-c. 1712)
Birth 1563 Alderton Hall, Suffolk, England
Title Sir
Death 27 Mar 1635 (age 71-72) Letheringham, Suffolk, England

Note on Husband: Henry NAUNTON

Note on Wife: Elizabeth ASHBY

Note on Child 1: Robert NAUTON