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Family of Richard I FITZALAN and Alisona De SALUZZA

Husband: Richard I FITZALAN (1267-1302)
Wife: Alisona De SALUZZA (1269-1292)
Children: Edmond FITZALAN (1285-1326)
Eleanor FITZALAN (1282-1328)
Alice FITZALAN (1291-1340)

Husband: Richard I FITZALAN

Name: Richard I FITZALAN
Sex: Male
Father: John III FITZALAN (1246-1272)
Mother: Isabel de MORTIMER ( - )
Birth 3 Feb 1267 Arundel, West Sussex, England
Title 8th Earl of Arundel
Death 9 Mar 1302 (age 35) Arundel, West Sussex, England

Wife: Alisona De SALUZZA

Name: Alisona De SALUZZA
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 May 1269 Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy
Death 25 Sep 1292 (age 23) Arundel, West Sussex, England

Child 1: Edmond FITZALAN

Name: Edmond FITZALAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice de WARENNE (1287-1338)
Children: Richard II FITZALAN (c. 1313-1376)
Birth 1 May 1285 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
Title 9th Earl of Arundel
Death 17 Nov 1326 (age 41) Hereford, Herefordshire, England

Child 2: Eleanor FITZALAN

Name: Eleanor FITZALAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1282 Arundel, West Sussex, England
Death 1328 (age 45-46) England, United Kingdom

Child 3: Alice FITZALAN

Name: Alice FITZALAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1291 Arundel, Greater London, England
Death 7 Feb 1340 (age 48-49) Northamptonshire, England

Note on Husband: Richard I FITZALAN

Note on Wife: Alisona De SALUZZA

Note on Child 1: Edmond FITZALAN

Note on Child 2: Eleanor FITZALAN

Note on Child 3: Alice FITZALAN