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Family of Thomas De MOWBRAY and Elizabeth FITZALAN

Husband: Thomas De MOWBRAY (1367-1399)
Wife: Elizabeth FITZALAN (1366-1425)
Children: Thomas Mowbray II (1385-1405)
Marriage Jul 1384

Husband: Thomas De MOWBRAY

Name: Thomas De MOWBRAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 22 Mar 1367 Norfolk, England
Title 1st Duke of Norfolk
Death 22 Sep 1399 (age 32) Venice, Aly, Italy

Wife: Elizabeth FITZALAN


Elizabeth FITZALAN, Elizabeth Fitzalan

Name: Elizabeth FITZALAN
Sex: Female
Father: Richard III FITZALAN (1346-1397)
Mother: Elizabeth De BOHUN (1350-1385)
Birth 1366 Derbyshire, England
Title Duchess of Norfolk
Death 8 Jul 1425 (age 58-59) Wighill, North Yorkshire, England

Child 1: Thomas Mowbray II

Name: Thomas Mowbray II
Sex: Male
Spouse: Constance HOLLAND (1387-1437)
Birth 17 Sep 1385 Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, England
Death 8 Jun 1405 (age 19) East Riding, Yorkshire, England

Note on Husband: Thomas De MOWBRAY

Note on Wife: Elizabeth FITZALAN

Note on Child 1: Thomas Mowbray II