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Family of Charles Percy FRIEND and Gertrude Elizabeth CRUSH

Husband: Charles Percy FRIEND (1882-1964)
Wife: Gertrude Elizabeth CRUSH (1890-1960)
Children: Michael Hugh Haward FRIEND (1920-1973)
Marriage 1916 Wandsworth District, London

Husband: Charles Percy FRIEND

Name: Charles Percy FRIEND
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Haward FRIEND (1851-1929)
Mother: Jane Margaret MURRELL (1853-1925)
Birth 15 Sep 1882 Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Death 20 Apr 1964 (age 81) Surrey Mid Eastern RD

Wife: Gertrude Elizabeth CRUSH

Name: Gertrude Elizabeth CRUSH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Jan 1890 Wandsworth, London
Death 1960 (age 69-70) Surrey Mid Eastern RD

Child 1: Michael Hugh Haward FRIEND

Name: Michael Hugh Haward FRIEND
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Feb 1920 King's Norton RD
Death 25 Mar 1973 (age 53) Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England

Note on Husband: Charles Percy FRIEND

Note on Wife: Gertrude Elizabeth CRUSH

Note on Child 1: Michael Hugh Haward FRIEND