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Family of Joseph Francis DUNGAN and Helena Louisa MURRELL

Husband: Joseph Francis DUNGAN (1921-1960)
Wife: Helena Louisa MURRELL (1922-2003)
Status: Divorced
Marriage 26 Jan 1941
Divorce c. 1950

Husband: Joseph Francis DUNGAN

Name: Joseph Francis DUNGAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Sep 1921 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death 1960 (age 38-39) Victoria, Australia

Wife: Helena Louisa MURRELL

Name: Helena Louisa MURRELL
Sex: Female
Father: John Francis MURRELL (1881-1965)
Mother: Helena Maud GARTNER (1885-1939)
Birth 21 Apr 1922 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death 31 Jan 2003 (age 80) Sydney, NSW, Australia
Burial Wesburn Cemetery, Vic

Note on Husband: Joseph Francis DUNGAN