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Family of John Joseph POWER and Jane Anne MURRELL

Husband: John Joseph POWER (1907-1978)
Wife: Jane Anne MURRELL (1912-c. 1990)
Children: Carol Anne POWER (1947-1975)
Marriage 1937 Victoria, Australia

Husband: John Joseph POWER

Name: John Joseph POWER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 Jul 1907 Melbourne, Victoria
Death 29 Sep 1978 (age 71) Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

Wife: Jane Anne MURRELL

Name: Jane Anne MURRELL
Sex: Female
Father: John Francis MURRELL (1881-1965)
Mother: Helena Maud GARTNER (1885-1939)
Birth 31 Mar 1912 Fitzroy South
Death c. 1990 (age 77-78)

Child 1: Carol Anne POWER

Name: Carol Anne POWER
Sex: Female
Birth 21 Jun 1947 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Death Jan 1975 (age 27) Boronia, Victoria, Australia

Note on Husband: John Joseph POWER

Note on Child 1: Carol Anne POWER