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Family of John William AULD and Mary Ann TORRENS

Husband: John William AULD (1854- )
Wife: Mary Ann TORRENS (1855-1950)
Children: Christina Eliza AULD (1889-1950)
Marriage 1878 New Zealand

Husband: John William AULD

Name: John William AULD
Sex: Male
Father: John Maxwell AULD (c. 1831- )
Mother: Jane MURRELL (1830-1900)
Birth Oct 1854 Stepney, London

Wife: Mary Ann TORRENS

Name: Mary Ann TORRENS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1855
Death 1950 (age 94-95)

Child 1: Christina Eliza AULD

Name: Christina Eliza AULD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jesse Arthur TATE (1887-1975)
Children: Arthur Harry TATE (1911-1991)
Nell Winifred TATE (1916-2001)
Birth 12 Jul 1889 Holme, Huntingdonshire, England
Death 7 Nov 1950 (age 61) Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Note on Husband: John William AULD

Note on Child 1: Christina Eliza AULD