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Family of John LAND and Frances BAKER

Husband: John LAND (1736-1812)
Wife: Frances BAKER (1766- )
Children: Hannah Baker LAND (1801-1862)

Husband: John LAND

Name: John LAND
Sex: Male
Nickname: the Elder
Father: John LAND (1710-1762)
Mother: Elizabeth ALCOCK (1712-1739)
Birth 1736 Griston, Norfolk, England
Death 29 Mar 1812 (age 75-76) Griston, Norfolk, England

Wife: Frances BAKER

Name: Frances BAKER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1766

Child 1: Hannah Baker LAND

Name: Hannah Baker LAND
Sex: Female
Birth May 1801 Griston, Norfolk, England
Death 1862 (age 60-61) Hemsworth, Yorkshire West Riding

Note on Husband: John LAND

Note on Child 1: Hannah Baker LAND