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Family of John Ellis Jackson LILES and Dorcas LAND

Husband: John Ellis Jackson LILES (1781-1862)
Wife: Dorcas LAND (1782-1870)
Children: Malachi LILES (1804- )
Harriet LILES (1805- )
Nancy Hulda Jane LILES (1806- )
Mary "Polly" LILES (1810-c. 1812)
Francis "Frank" LILES (1811-1890)
John Ellis "Jackson" Liles JUNIOR (1814-1880)
Mayberrry LILES (1816-1904)
Mary C LILES (1818-1841)
Dorcas Ann LILES (1818-aft1900)
Margaret LILES (1820-1904)
James LILES (1826-1875)

Husband: John Ellis Jackson LILES

Name: John Ellis Jackson LILES
Sex: Male
Given Name Used: Jackson
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1781 Anson County, North Carolina, USA
Death 2 Dec 1862 (age 80-81) Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Wife: Dorcas LAND

Name: Dorcas LAND
Sex: Female
Father: John LAND (1736-1812)
Mother: Frances ELLIDGE (1750-1830)
Birth 1782 Abbeyville, South Carolina, USA
Death 1870 (age 87-88) Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Child 1: Malachi LILES

Name: Malachi LILES
Sex: Male
Birth 1804

Child 2: Harriet LILES

Name: Harriet LILES
Sex: Female
Birth 1805

Child 3: Nancy Hulda Jane LILES

Name: Nancy Hulda Jane LILES
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Aug 1806

Child 4: Mary "Polly" LILES

Name: Mary "Polly" LILES
Sex: Female
Birth 1810
Death c. 1812 (age 1-2)

Child 5: Francis "Frank" LILES

Name: Francis "Frank" LILES
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Feb 1811 Tennessee, USA
Death 4 Aug 1890 (age 79)

Child 6: John Ellis "Jackson" Liles JUNIOR

Name: John Ellis "Jackson" Liles JUNIOR
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Feb 1814 Henderson, Kentucky, USA
Death 24 Apr 1880 (age 66) Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Child 7: Mayberrry LILES

Name: Mayberrry LILES
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Mar 1816 Henderson, Kentucky, USA
Death 16 Jan 1904 (age 87) Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Child 8: Mary C LILES

Name: Mary C LILES
Sex: Female
Birth May 1818 Henderson County, Kentucky, USA
Death 24 Feb 1841 (age 22) Dixon, Webster, Kentucky, USA

Child 9: Dorcas Ann LILES

Name: Dorcas Ann LILES
Sex: Female
Birth May 1818 Henderson, Kentucky, USA
Death aft 1900 (age 81-82) Dixon, Webster, Kentucky, USA

Child 10: Margaret LILES

Name: Margaret LILES
Sex: Female
Birth 1820 Henderson, Kentucky, USA
Death 1904 (age 83-84)

Child 11: James LILES

Name: James LILES
Sex: Male
Birth 1826 Henderson, Kentucky, USA
Death 8 Sep 1875 (age 48-49) Henderson, Kentucky, USA

Note on Husband: John Ellis Jackson LILES

Note on Wife: Dorcas LAND