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Family of Robert OTTAWAY and Bathsheba DUNNETT

Husband: Robert OTTAWAY (1786-1864)
Wife: Bathsheba DUNNETT (1781-1845)
Children: Mary OTTAWAY (1807-1808)
Mary OTTAWAY (1809- )
Jesse OTTAWAY (c. 1812-1844)
Phoebe Rhoda OTTAWAY (1812- )
Sarah OTTAWAY (1814-1886)
Robert James OTTAWAY (c. 1816-1893)
Elizabeth Ottaway OTTAWAY (1819- )
Marriage 16 Jul 1806 Colton, Norfolk, England

Husband: Robert OTTAWAY

Name: Robert OTTAWAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1786 Bawborough Colton Norfolk, England
Death 1864 (age 77-78) Colton, Forehoe, Norfolk, England

Wife: Bathsheba DUNNETT

Name: Bathsheba DUNNETT
Sex: Female
Father: James DUNNETT (1763-1804)
Mother: Anne LAND (1765-1853)
Birth 19 Mar 1781 Hingham, Norfolk, England
Death 20 Aug 1845 (age 64) Colton, Norfolk, England

Child 1: Mary OTTAWAY

Name: Mary OTTAWAY
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Apr 1807 Colton, Norfolk, England
Death Jun 1808 (age 1) Colton, Norfolk, England

Child 2: Mary OTTAWAY

Name: Mary OTTAWAY
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Jul 1809 Colton, Norfolk, England

Child 3: Jesse OTTAWAY

Name: Jesse OTTAWAY
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1812 Colton, Norfolk, England
Death Apr 1844 (age 31-32) Norfolk, England

Child 4: Phoebe Rhoda OTTAWAY

Name: Phoebe Rhoda OTTAWAY
Sex: Female
Birth 4 Jan 1812 Colton, Norfolk, England

Child 5: Sarah OTTAWAY

Name: Sarah OTTAWAY
Sex: Female
Birth 1814 Colton, Norfolk, England
Death Jun 1886 (age 71-72) Norwich, Norfolk, England

Child 6: Robert James OTTAWAY

Name: Robert James OTTAWAY
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1816 Colton, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Death 1893 (age 76-77) Forehoe, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Child 7: Elizabeth Ottaway OTTAWAY

Name: Elizabeth Ottaway OTTAWAY
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Jun 1819 Colton, Norfolk, England

Note on Husband: Robert OTTAWAY

Note on Wife: Bathsheba DUNNETT