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Family of Benjamin Alexander LAND and Ada Maria WATKINSON

Husband: Benjamin Alexander LAND (1875-1938)
Wife: Ada Maria WATKINSON (1876-1950)
Children: Doris Clara LAND (1905- )
Edith Constance LAND (1912- )

Husband: Benjamin Alexander LAND

Name: Benjamin Alexander LAND
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin Henry LAND (1836- )
Mother: Clara Jane KING (1837-1898)
Birth Oct 1875 St Olave Southwark, London, England
Death 12 Jun 1938 (age 62) Hornsey, London

Wife: Ada Maria WATKINSON

Name: Ada Maria WATKINSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Oct 1876 Welney, Cambridgeshire, England
Death 31 Mar 1950 (age 73) London, England

Child 1: Doris Clara LAND

Name: Doris Clara LAND
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1905

Child 2: Edith Constance LAND

Name: Edith Constance LAND
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sydney Cecil DEE (1907-1993)
Birth 2 May 1912

Note on Husband: Benjamin Alexander LAND