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Family of Antha and Johanna Marie CLEWS

Husband: Antha ( - )
Wife: Johanna Marie CLEWS (1989- )
Children: Tyler Hector CLEWS (2007- )
Status: Unmarried Couple

Husband: Antha

Name: Antha
Sex: Male
Nickname: Jimmy
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Johanna Marie CLEWS


Johanna Marie CLEWS, Johanna Clews2


Johanna Marie CLEWS, Johanna Clews1

Name: Johanna Marie CLEWS
Sex: Female
Father: Kevin Douglas CLEWS (1960- )
Mother: Robyn Anne MCCURDY (1961- )
Birth 23 Mar 1989

Child 1: Tyler Hector CLEWS

Name: Tyler Hector CLEWS
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Jan 2007