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Family of Frank Stowe Murrell SEON and Beatice Robson BARKER

Husband: Frank Stowe Murrell SEON (1870-1941)
Wife: Beatice Robson BARKER (1877-1898)
Children: Thomas Gerald SEON (1898-1974)
Frank Edward Gregory SEON (1901-1969)
Eva Marion SEON (1907-1992)

Husband: Frank Stowe Murrell SEON

Name: Frank Stowe Murrell SEON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Aug 1870
Death 22 Sep 1941 (age 71)

Wife: Beatice Robson BARKER

Name: Beatice Robson BARKER
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick Alleyne BARKER (1833-bef1890)
Mother: Martha HICKTON (1839-1915)
Birth 10 Apr 1877
Death 1898 (age 20-21) New Zealand

Child 1: Thomas Gerald SEON


Thomas Gerald SEON, Thomas Gerald Seon


Spouse: Isabel May PHILIPS, Isabel May Philips

Name: Thomas Gerald SEON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Isabel May PHILIPS (1902-1969)
Children: Isabel Joyce SEON (1930- )
Birth 16 Dec 1898
Death 19 Sep 1974 (age 75)

Child 2: Frank Edward Gregory SEON

Name: Frank Edward Gregory SEON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Iola Pearl Roberts TROWER ( - )
Birth 1901 New Zealand
Death 1969 (age 67-68) New Zealand

Child 3: Eva Marion SEON

Name: Eva Marion SEON
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Oct 1907 Auckland, New Zealand
Death 1 Nov 1992 (age 85) Auckland, New Zealand