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Family of Clive Clement CUNNOLD and Grace WARING

Husband: Clive Clement CUNNOLD (1904-1961)
Wife: Grace WARING (1906-1999)
Marriage Dec 1927 Dartford, Kent, England

Husband: Clive Clement CUNNOLD

Name: Clive Clement CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Father: Clement Allan CUNNOLD (1872-1959)
Mother: Annie Gertrude Bessill STRAFFORD (c. 1867-1937)
Birth 23 Jun 1904 Kingston, Surrey, United Kingdom
Death 30 Jul 1961 (age 57) Ealing, Middlesex, England

Wife: Grace WARING

Name: Grace WARING
Sex: Female
Father: Frank WARING (c. 1874- )
Mother: Emily (c. 1874- )
Birth Apr 1906 Croydon, Surrey, England
Death Jul 1999 (age 93) Petersfield, Hampshire, England

Note on Husband: Clive Clement CUNNOLD

Note on Wife: Grace WARING