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Family of Herbert Campbell WARWICK and Amy Ann CUNNOLD

Husband: Herbert Campbell WARWICK (1906- )
Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD (1899-1995)
Children: Victor Campbell WARWICK (1931- )
Ronald Herbert WARWICK (1934-1977)
Marriage 1929 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Husband: Herbert Campbell WARWICK

Name: Herbert Campbell WARWICK
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas WARWICK (c. 1867- )
Mother: Margaret Anne HUTCHINSON (c. 1871- )
Birth 12 May 1906 Gateshead, County Durham, England

Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD

Name: Amy Ann CUNNOLD
Sex: Female
Father: Oliver Albert CUNNOLD (1873-1960)
Mother: Sarah Ann WITHERS (1879-1976)
Birth 31 Oct 1899 Eelup, Bunbury, Western Australia
Death 21 Mar 1995 (age 95) Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Child 1: Victor Campbell WARWICK

Name: Victor Campbell WARWICK
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Nov 1931

Child 2: Ronald Herbert WARWICK

Name: Ronald Herbert WARWICK
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Nov 1934 Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia
Death 14 Jan 1977 (age 42) Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Note on Husband: Herbert Campbell WARWICK

Note on Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD

Note on Child 2: Ronald Herbert WARWICK