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Family of Herbert Thomas DELAPORTE and Amy Ann CUNNOLD

Husband: Herbert Thomas DELAPORTE (1874-1945)
Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD (1877-1952)
Children: Victor Stirling DELAPORTE (1899- )
Doris Alma DELAPORTE (1903- )

Husband: Herbert Thomas DELAPORTE

Name: Herbert Thomas DELAPORTE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Jun 1874 Minnimup, Western Australia
Death 14 Aug 1945 (age 71) Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD

Name: Amy Ann CUNNOLD
Sex: Female
Father: Albert CUNNOLD (1842-1880)
Mother: Martha Amelia HEARN (1847-1913)
Birth 1877 Bundidup, Harvey, Western Australia
Death 19 Dec 1952 (age 74-75) Bunbury, Western Australia, Australia

Child 1: Victor Stirling DELAPORTE

Name: Victor Stirling DELAPORTE
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Oct 1899

Child 2: Doris Alma DELAPORTE

Name: Doris Alma DELAPORTE
Sex: Female
Birth 1903

Note on Husband: Herbert Thomas DELAPORTE

Note on Wife: Amy Ann CUNNOLD