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Family of Sydney CUNNOLD and Nellie GOODWIN

Husband: Sydney CUNNOLD (1892-1972)
Wife: Nellie GOODWIN (1893-1957)
Children: Audrey CUNNOLD (1920-2008)
Marriage 26 Oct 1918 Sparkbrook, Warwickshire, England

Husband: Sydney CUNNOLD

Name: Sydney CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Edward CUNNOLD (1858-1937)
Mother: Sarah Ann OWEN (1857-1893)
Birth 15 Jun 1892 Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Death 1972 (age 79-80) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Wife: Nellie GOODWIN

Name: Nellie GOODWIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Apr 1893 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death 10 Feb 1957 (age 63) Moseley

Child 1: Audrey CUNNOLD


Spouse: Charles Fagan MALONE


Spouse: Charles Fagan MALONE


Spouse: Charles Fagan MALONE, Charles Fagan malone 2

Name: Audrey CUNNOLD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Fagan MALONE (1920-2004)
Children: Angela Cunnold MALONE ( -1995)
Birth 1920 Kings Norton
Death 5 Dec 2008 (age 87-88) Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

Note on Husband: Sydney CUNNOLD

Note on Wife: Nellie GOODWIN

Note on Child 1: Audrey CUNNOLD