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Family of Frederick Arthur CUNNOLD and Joyce Valentine MICHEL

Husband: Frederick Arthur CUNNOLD (1911-1986)
Wife: Joyce Valentine MICHEL (1922-1995)
Children: Daniel John CUNNOLD (1941-1942)
Unnamed CUNNOLD ( -1952)
Marriage 30 Aug 1941 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Husband: Frederick Arthur CUNNOLD

Name: Frederick Arthur CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Father: John Thomas CUNNOLD (1877-1965)
Mother: Louisa MARKWELL (c. 1879-1965)
Birth 11 Feb 1911 North Hackney, London, England
Death 8 Jan 1986 (age 74) Kalamunda, Western Australia

Wife: Joyce Valentine MICHEL

Name: Joyce Valentine MICHEL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Apr 1922 Bruce Rock, Western Australia, Australia
Death 21 Feb 1995 (age 72) Kalamunda, Western Australia

Child 1: Daniel John CUNNOLD

Name: Daniel John CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Birth 1941 Western Australia, Australia
Death 21 Jul 1942 (age 0-1) South Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Child 2: Unnamed CUNNOLD

Name: Unnamed CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Death 24 Oct 1952 Pickering Brook, Western Australia, Australia

Note on Husband: Frederick Arthur CUNNOLD

Note on Wife: Joyce Valentine MICHEL

Note on Child 1: Daniel John CUNNOLD

Note on Child 2: Unnamed CUNNOLD