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Family of Thomas Robert CUNNOLD and Doris Nora K STEDMAN

Husband: Thomas Robert CUNNOLD (1900-1974)
Wife: Doris Nora K STEDMAN (1901-1976)
Children: Derrick T CUNNOLD (1922-1922)
Barbara D CUNNOLD ( - )
Marriage Oct 1921 Stow, Suffolk, England

Husband: Thomas Robert CUNNOLD

Name: Thomas Robert CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Jun 1900 Stow, Suffolk, England
Death 14 May 1974 (age 73) Gipping, Suffolk, England

Wife: Doris Nora K STEDMAN

Name: Doris Nora K STEDMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Herbert Spencer STEDMAN (1873-1950)
Mother: Ada Florence FARROW (1880-1947)
Birth 3 Nov 1901 Earl Stonham, Suffolk, England
Death Sep 1976 (age 74) Gipping, Suffolk, England

Child 1: Derrick T CUNNOLD

Name: Derrick T CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 1922 Stow, Suffolk, England
Death Mar 1922 (age 0) Stow, Suffolk, England

Child 2: Barbara D CUNNOLD

Name: Barbara D CUNNOLD
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Thomas Robert CUNNOLD

Note on Wife: Doris Nora K STEDMAN

Note on Child 1: Derrick T CUNNOLD