Family of Harry James CUNNOLD and Catherine BOURLET

Husband: Harry James CUNNOLD (1891-1968)
Wife: Catherine BOURLET (1891-1968)
Children: Bernard James CUNNOLD (1924-2003)
Marriage 1921 Hackney, London, England

Husband: Harry James CUNNOLD

Name: Harry James CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 7 Sep 1891 Hackney, London, England
Occupation 14 Apr 1913 (age 21) Military Service
Death Mar 1968 (age 76) Hackney, London, England

Wife: Catherine BOURLET

Name: Catherine BOURLET
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 25 Jun 1891 Tower Hamlets, Middlesex, England
Death Dec 1968 (age 77) Westminster, London, England

Child 1: Bernard James CUNNOLD


Bernard James CUNNOLD, 1924, age 0

Name: Bernard James CUNNOLD
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Aug 1924 Islington, London
Death Oct 2003 (age 79) Dacorum, Hertfordshire, England

Note on Husband: Harry James CUNNOLD

Note on Child 1: Bernard James CUNNOLD