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Family of James Alan CLABON and Lily COPSEY

Husband: James Alan CLABON (1918-1980)
Wife: Lily COPSEY (1920-1995)
Children: Christopher CLABON (1953-2004)

Husband: James Alan CLABON

Name: James Alan CLABON
Sex: Male
Father: George Garnham CLABON (1887-1960)
Mother: Matilda A CUNNOLD (c. 1892-1947)
Birth 1918
Death 1980 (age 61-62)

Wife: Lily COPSEY

Name: Lily COPSEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1920
Death 1995 (age 74-75)

Child 1: Christopher CLABON

Name: Christopher CLABON
Sex: Male
Nickname: Criss
Birth 1953
Death 2004 (age 50-51)

Note on Husband: James Alan CLABON