Family of Gideon SMALES and Maria Robinson WAKEFIELD

Husband: Gideon SMALES (1766-1817)
Wife: Maria Robinson WAKEFIELD (1797-1866)
Children: Gideon Nares SMALES (c. 1822- )
Thomas Chapman SMALES (1824- )
Ann SMALES (1825- )

Husband: Gideon SMALES

Name: Gideon SMALES
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: II
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1766
Death 1817 (age 50-51)

Wife: Maria Robinson WAKEFIELD

Name: Maria Robinson WAKEFIELD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1797
Death 1866 (age 68-69)

Child 1: Gideon Nares SMALES

Name: Gideon Nares SMALES
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Reverand
Name Suffix: III
Spouse: Elizabeth TAYLER ( -1924)
Children: Elaine Elizabeth Tayler SMALES (1874-1941)
Herbert Michell SMALES (1875-1922)
Alice Evelyn May SMALES (1877-1965)
Adolie Hilda SMALES (1878-1975)
Beatrice Louisa Nares SMALES (1880- )
Alfrida Eugenie Dagmar SMALES (1882-1962)
Ambrose Noel SMALES (1884- )
Birth c. 1822 Whitby, Yorkshire, England
Court Record 1927 (age 104-105)
In the Matter of the Will of Gideon Smales of Hampton Park, East Tamaki, near Auckland, Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church, deceased. Between The Public Trustee of Wellington as Administrator of the estate of the said Gideon Smales, deceased, with the Will of the said Gideon Smales annexed, Plaintiff and Elaine Elizabeth Wilkins of Te Kuiti, Married Woman, Alfreda (or Elfrida) Eugenie Dagmar Grant of Auckland, Married Woman, Adalie (or Adolie) Hilda Cunnold of Hikurangi, Married Woman, Beatrice Louisa Nares Smales of East Tamaki, Spinster, Alice Evelyn May Davis of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Married Woman, Ambrose Noel Smales of Auckland, Cable Operator, Defendants of the first part, John Kenderdine of Auckland, Retired Chemist and the said Ambrose Noel Smales as executors and trustees of the Will of the late Elizabeth Smales, deceased, Defendants of the second part, Ethel Rose Overton of Christchurch, Spinster, Charles Fitzroy Overton of Christchurch, Farmer, Defendants of the third part, Ellen Buttle of Auckland, Widow, as executrix and trustee of the Will of the late George Alfred Buttle, deceased, Gerald Richard Albert O'Halloran of Auckland, Accountant, and Albert Edward Sloman of Auckland, Auctioneer, as surviving executors and trustees of the Will of the late William S Cochrane, deceased, Defendants of the fourth part, The General Trust Board of the Diocese of Auckland and the Superintendant Minister of the Otahuhu Methodist Church Circuit, Defendants of the fifth part
Entity type: Item
Code: R25538204
Years: 1927 - 1927
Box number: 16
Record number: M216/1927

High Court Auckland, Department of Justice BBAE 1841 - 1995

Child 2: Thomas Chapman SMALES

Name: Thomas Chapman SMALES
Sex: Male
Birth 17 Jun 1824

Child 3: Ann SMALES

Name: Ann SMALES
Sex: Female
Birth 1 May 1825