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Family of Niels Peter SVENDSEN and Mary Frances HYLAND

Husband: Niels Peter SVENDSEN (1854-1893)
Wife: Mary Frances HYLAND (1860-1920)
Children: Herbert Neil SVENDSEN (1887-1972)
Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN (1889-1923)
Victor Cecil SVENDSEN (1890-1918)
Hilda Margaret Amelia SVENDSEN (1892-1958)
Marriage 22 Aug 1885 Auckland, New Zealand

Husband: Niels Peter SVENDSEN


Niels Peter SVENDSEN, NielsPeterSvendsen


Niels Peter SVENDSEN, 1894 will N P Svendsen

Name: Niels Peter SVENDSEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 Jan 1854 Gilleleje, Frederiksborg, Denmark
Title Cpt
Death 31 Dec 1893 (age 39)

Wife: Mary Frances HYLAND


Mary Frances HYLAND, New Zealand, Cemetery Records, 1800-2007 for Mary Frances Svendsen

Name: Mary Frances HYLAND
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas John HYLAND (1824-1889)
Mother: ANN BUNTING (c. 1822-1909)
Birth 1860 Lurgan, County Armagh, Ireland
Death 11 Nov 1920 (age 59-60) Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand
Burial 1920 Pukekohe Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand
Presbyterian Section Row e - Plot 62

Child 1: Herbert Neil SVENDSEN


Herbert Neil SVENDSEN, Herbert Neil Svendsen


Herbert Neil SVENDSEN, 1928, age 41, H.N. (Herbie) Svendsen, founder of H. Svendsen & Sons, with his first milk delivery float, Pukekohe, ca 1928


Herbert Neil SVENDSEN, 1942, age 55, Leslie Svendsen is to the left, H. N. ('Herbie') Svendsen to the righ


Herbert Neil SVENDSEN, 1936, age 49, H Svenson & Sons Milk Vendors


Herbert Neil SVENDSEN, Cemetery Record for Mary Frances Svendsen


Spouse: Ada Jane CRAIG, Cemetery Record for Mary Frances Svendsen

Name: Herbert Neil SVENDSEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ada Jane CRAIG (1890-1982)
Children: Neil Hyland SVENDSEN (1915-2003)
Lesley SVENDSEN ( - )
Birth 14 Jul 1887 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
Death 1 Aug 1972 (age 85) Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand

Child 2: Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN


Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN, Cemetery Record for Mary Frances Svendsen


Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN, Thomas Leslie Svendsen


Spouse: Elva Sophia KEYES


Spouse: Elva Sophia KEYES, Elva Sophia Preston (Svendsen) (nee Keyes)

Name: Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elva Sophia KEYES (1899-1996)
Children: Victor George SVENDSEN (1919-1994)
Norma SVENDSEN (1921-2006)
Patricia SVENDSEN (1922-2004)
Birth 8 Feb 1889 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
Death 15 Jul 1923 (age 34) Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand

Child 3: Victor Cecil SVENDSEN


Victor Cecil SVENDSEN, Victor Svendsen


Victor Cecil SVENDSEN, VictorSvendsen

Name: Victor Cecil SVENDSEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marion Gladys EISENHUT (1896-1988)
Cause of Death: Spanish Flu
Birth 11 Dec 1890 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
Death 14 Nov 1918 (age 27) Ngaruawahia, Waikato, New Zealand
Cause: Spanish Flu

Child 4: Hilda Margaret Amelia SVENDSEN


Hilda Margaret Amelia SVENDSEN

Name: Hilda Margaret Amelia SVENDSEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Edwin FAUSETT (1887-1966)
Birth 27 Aug 1892 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand
Death 18 Aug 1958 (age 65) 22 Nottingham Street, Westmere, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand
Burial 22 Aug 1958 Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand

Note on Marriage

Svendsen - Hyland - Lawson Reunion - Auckland New ...

Apr 19, 1999 - Married - 22 August 1885, Wife - Mary Frances Hyland of Pukekohe. ... father was Thomas Hyland (bootmaker) and mother was Anne Bunting.


Svendsen - Hyland - Lawson Reunion

24th APRIL 1999 Niels Peter Svendsen


Date of birth 6 January 1854 Elsinore, Denmark.Father - Svend Nielsen LarsenMother - Margrethe JensenMarried - 22 August 1885Wife - Mary Frances Hyland of Pukekohe.


Niels Peter went to sea from Gilleleje Denmark aged 14 as a cabin boy with his uncle. A search of the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives at the National Archives showed various references to Niels Peter under the Annual Reports of the Marine Department. Under the ‘Return of Masters, Mates and Engineers to whom Certificates of Competency were issued’ the following were noted :


Date of IssueRankClass of CertificateNo.29 April 1879Only MateForeign Trade18929 January 1883Master OrdinaryForeign Trade189


The earliest sailing recorded in New Zealand was in 1879 where he sailed as a mate on the following voyages, all out of Auckland.


Name of shipTonnageDate of entryDate of dischargeDescription of voyageAlbatross7722 April 187914 July 1879CoastingOvalan11615 July 18799 December 1879ForeignActive16210 December 187913 March 1880Foreign TradeFlerk10023 March 188022 January 1881ForeignIsland Lily1235 April 188113 October 1881Foreign


Under his seamans certificate of Discharge and Character he was classed during the period April 1879 to October 1881 as very good in all three classes of assessment - ability, conduct and sobriety. This record would have resulted in his appointment as a Master on 29 January 1883.


Niels Peter name did not appear in any of the ‘Returns of Wrecks and Casualties to Shipping reported to the Marine Department’ for the 12 years ended 31 March from 1883 to 1894 inclusive.


Niels Peter married (aged 30) on 22 August 1885 to Mary Frances Hyland (aged 25) who was brought up in Pukekohe. They were married at St Mathews Church, Auckland. Niels Peter purchased a cottage at 34 Clarence St, Ponsonby on 1 October 1885 for 275 pounds. Settlement was made by a deposit of 75 pounds being paid with a mortgage left in for four years by the vendor James Lovell (occupation Messenger). Interest was at 8% p.a. payable quarterly.


Niels Peter and Mary Frances had four children as follows :


Herbert Neil Svendsen14 July 1887Thomas Leslie Svendsen08 Feb 1889Victor Cecil Svendsen11 Dec 1890Hilda Margaret Amelia Svendsen27 Aug 1892


Niels Peter was nationalised at Lyttleton on 10 October 1892. On a declaration of residency dated 2 September 1892 Niels Peter had arrived in New Zealand in 1875.


It has been told that on his last trip home he walked from the wharf at Onehunga to Ponsonby whereupon he spent the whole day and night with his wife and family. It is related that he ‘walked the floors’ all night with his only daughter Hilda (then a baby of a few hours old) in his arms. The following morning he left Clarence Street, never to see his family again, to walk back to his ship berthed at the port of Onehunga.


He was Master of the 336 ton Barque named ‘Gazelle’ when he was transferred to the General Hospital on Thursday Island situated off the top of the Northern Territory, Australia. He died the following day on 31 December 1893. The death certificate stated the cause of death as cirrhosis of the liver and that his last illness had a duration of one year.


The barque Gazelle carrying a cargo of Guano was a sailing ship with three masts. The Gazelle was sailed back to New Zealand with the first mate Charles Rogers as its Master. On 3 February 1894 the Gazelle stranded and was a total loss with eight lives lost out of the crew of 10. The wreck occurred outside head west of Waikawa Bay, Current Basin, French Pass in the Cook Strait. The wind was a fresh gale blowing from the NW. The Court of Inquiry reported ‘Vessel driven ashore by gale during very thick weather’.


Mary Frances Hyland


d.o.b. 1860 in the town of Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Her father was Thomas Hyland (bootmaker) and mother was Anne Bunting.


Thomas and Anne along with their three daughters Emily, Mary and Anne left Ireland on the ship Ganges on 22 October 1864 when Mary was aged five. They embarked from the port of Cobh in Southern Ireland after a trip down through Ireland thought to have taken some two months. Her mother gave birth onboard soon after the Ganges left Ireland to a son named James Funnell Hyland. Their daughter Anne died onboard aged two years. Two other sisters Rebecca Annie and Elizabeth were born in New Zealand.


Thomas Hyland and family moved to Pukekohe and later owned land in Tuakau.


We are unsure of her occupation until the age of 25 in August 1885 when she married Niels Peter Svendsen, Master Marriner, at St Mathews Church, Auckland. Her father Thomas Hyland was described on the marriage Certificate as "settler".


Mary lived at 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby, in a cottage purchased by her husband on 1 October 1885. She and Niels Peter Svendsen had four children during their marriage. They had been married eight years four months when Niels Peter Svendsen fell seriously ill and was taken off his ship the Gazelle to the General Hospital on Thursday Island. He died of cirrhosis of the liver the following day on 31 December 1893.


It is understood that Mary and/or Niels Peter acquired some land at Parakai, West Auckland, but this has not been verified.


Following the granting of probate of her husbands will, Mary’s name was entered onto the title of 34 Clarence Street, Ponsonby. We think she ran the place as a boarding house.


Mary gave birth to a son (Trevor James Lawson) on 5 January 1900 and she later married the father David James Lawson, Dealer on 28 February 1900.


It is understood that David James Lawson suffered from an alcohol drinking problem and also was prone to gambling. Herbert, his eldest stepson, related how his stepfathers propensity to alcohol brough back bad memories of that period of his childhood. This affected him later in life as he was a teetotaller and was against gambling.


Mary entered into an ‘Agreement to Lease’ dated 18 August 1910 to lease for one year the cottage and furniture at Clarence St, Ponsonby for a weekly rent of 18 shillings. In the lease agreement Mary as Lessor was recorded as the wife of David James Lawson (who was now described as a bricklayer).


Mary left Ponsonby and lived with her eldest son Herbert for a while at Grey Street, Pukekohe. She ended up living with her daughter and son-in-law at Ararimu, South Auckland. Mary died on 11 November 1920 aged 60 with the cause of death listed as gastoptosis and cardiac failure.




Herbert Svendsen, and Ada


Thomas Leslie Svendsen


Thomas Leslie Svendsen was born on 8 February 1889, the second son of Niels Peter Svendsen and Mary Hyland. He went to Ponsonby School in 1894.


Thomas was married in 1919 (aged 30) to Elva Sophia Keyes (aged 19) and had three children - Victor, Norma and Patricia. Thomas's occupation was described as being a TEAMSTER. Thomas had a mail run between Onewhero and Tuakau and lived in Seddon Street, Pukekohe, opposite Woolworths Store. He ended up with a fish shop in King Street, Pukekohe.


Thomas died on 15 July 1923 and his wife Elva remarried unknown Preston, and they raised the three children.


Victor Cecil Svendsen


Victor Cecil Svendsen was born on 11 December 1890, the third son of Niels Peter Svendsen and Mary Hyland. He went to Ponsonby School in 1896.


Victor played for the Ponsonby School Rugby football team, 1905-6-7, who won the school championship for the years mentioned.


We believe Victor was a carpenter in Hamilton. He married Marion unknown in 1913 ? and had three daughters Thora, Phyllis and Joyce. Victor fell ill from the post WW1 flu epidemic and died on 14 November 1918 and was buried at Ngaruawahia.


His wife Marion remarried George Furniss in 1920 and the children were raised with a stepfather.


Hilda Margaret Amelia Svendsen


Hilda Margaret Amelia Svendsen was born on 27 August 1892 the youngest and only daughter of Niels Peter Svendsen and Mary Hyland. Hilda was married on 17 September 1913 (aged 21) to George Edwin Fausett (aged 26) known as 'Ted'. It was said that Hilda was gifted musically and played the piano very well. They had four children as follow; Geoffrey (served in the RNZAF), Rona, Ken and Joyce.




Svendsen - Hyland - Lawson Reunion - Auckland New ...

Apr 19, 1999 - Married - 22 August 1885, Wife - Mary Frances Hyland of Pukekohe. ... father was Thomas Hyland (bootmaker) and mother was Anne Bunting

Note on Husband: Niels Peter SVENDSEN

Note on Wife: Mary Frances HYLAND

Note on Child 1: Herbert Neil SVENDSEN

Note on Child 2: Thomas Leslie SVENDSEN

Note on Child 3: Victor Cecil SVENDSEN

Note on Child 4: Hilda Margaret Amelia SVENDSEN