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Family of Athol Ward TILLS and Helen Mary FOX

Husband: Athol Ward TILLS (1924-2014)
Wife: Helen Mary FOX ( - )
Children: Russsell Williamd TILLS (1954- )

Husband: Athol Ward TILLS


Athol Ward TILLS, Athol Tills


Athol Ward TILLS, Athol & Mary tills

Name: Athol Ward TILLS
Sex: Male
Father: Harry Hilton Hare TILLS (1896-1971)
Mother: Gladys Myrtle CLEWS (1901-1995)
Birth 28 Aug 1924
Death 3 Jul 2014 (age 89)

Wife: Helen Mary FOX


Helen Mary FOX, Athol & Mary tills

Name: Helen Mary FOX
Sex: Female
Given Name Used: Mary
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Russsell Williamd TILLS

Name: Russsell Williamd TILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julie Ann BATES ( - )
Children: Alexander James TILLS (1987- )
Matthew York TILLS (1992- )
Birth 25 Oct 1954

Note on Husband: Athol Ward TILLS