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Family of Richard Charles WARD and Ada Maund RICKETTS

Husband: Richard Charles WARD (1870-1901)
Wife: Ada Maund RICKETTS (1876-1955)
Children: Ada May WARD (1898-1991)
Richard Arthur William WARD (1899-1927)
Arthur Charles WARD (1901-1962)
Marriage 21 Sep 1897 Nelson, New Zealand

Husband: Richard Charles WARD

Name: Richard Charles WARD
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Dick WARD
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1870 Nelson, New Zealand
Death 19 Jan 1901 (age 30-31) Nelson, New Zealand

Wife: Ada Maund RICKETTS


Ada Maund RICKETTS, 1903, age 26, Ada Ward Harry CONROY Marriage print out 1903

Name: Ada Maund RICKETTS
Sex: Female
Father: William Chapman RICKETTS (1843-1911)
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth SHARP (1851-1942)
Birth 8 Jun 1876 Nelson, New Zealand
Occupation Domestic Duties
Death 24 Jun 1955 (age 79) Nelson Public Hospital from 5 Weka street Nelson, New Zealand

Child 1: Ada May WARD

Name: Ada May WARD
Sex: Female
Nickname: Doll
Spouse: George Thomas CHANDLER (1894-1945)
Children: Doreen Mary CHANDLER (1918-1999)
Lawrence Clifford CHANDLER (1921-1990)
Daphne Phyllis CHANDLER (1924-2010)
Birth 5 Jun 1898 Nelson, New Zealand
Death 1991 (age 92-93) New Zealand

Child 2: Richard Arthur William WARD


Richard Arthur William WARD, Ward Richard Arthur Charles death NelsonEveningMail 19270131


Richard Arthur William WARD, Bereavement notice Richard Ward

Name: Richard Arthur William WARD
Sex: Male
Nickname: Richie
Birth 24 Jul 1899 Nelson, New Zealand
Death 1927 (age 27-28) Wellington, New Zealand

Child 3: Arthur Charles WARD

Name: Arthur Charles WARD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes Theresa HILL (1900-1969)
Children: John Alexander WARD (1930-2007)
Birth 14 Apr 1901 Nelson, New Zealand
Death 3 Aug 1962 (age 61) Nelson, New Zealand

Note on Husband: Richard Charles WARD

Note on Wife: Ada Maund RICKETTS

Note on Child 1: Ada May WARD

Note on Child 3: Arthur Charles WARD