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Family of Charles POWLING and Hannah CURTIS

Husband: Charles POWLING (1795-1868)
Wife: Hannah CURTIS (1800-1828)
Children: Eliza POWLING (1823-1890)
James POWLING (1825-1876)
Marriage 22 Oct 1819 Barking With Needham and Darmsden, Suffolk, England

Husband: Charles POWLING

Name: Charles POWLING
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1795 Bramford, Suffolk, England
Death 18 Aug 1868 (age 72-73) Ringshall, Suffolk, England

Wife: Hannah CURTIS

Name: Hannah CURTIS
Sex: Female
Father: Philip CURTIS (1780-1851)
Mother: Sarah REEVE (c. 1771-1853)
Birth 24 May 1800 Suffolk, England
Death Jan 1828 (age 27) Suffolk, England

Child 1: Eliza POWLING


Eliza POWLING, 1823, age 0


Spouse: Edward GIBBONS


Spouse: Edward GIBBONS


Spouse: Edward GIBBONS, Edward Gibbons B+W


Spouse: Edward GIBBONS, 1870, age 51, Edward Gibbons will

Name: Eliza POWLING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward GIBBONS (1819-1870)
Children: Rosina Elizabeth GIBBONS (1844-1901)
Edward Charles GIBBONS (1846-1909)
Christopher B GIBBONS (1850-1912)
Harriett Louisa GIBBONS (1851-1929)
Oliver Thomas GIBBONS (1853-1915)
Frederick Joseph GIBBONS (1855-1885)
Ellen Jane GIBBONS (1858-1926)
Arthur Williams GIBBONS (1859-1931)
Julia Eliza GIBBONS (1861-1917)
Alfred Alexander GIBBONS (1863-1942)
Birth 12 Aug 1823
Birthdate & Month found and confirmed in Birthday book of Rosin Amy Cunnold
held by Shirley Funk - Clews (Nee Cunnold)
Inscribed June 27 1890
From her loving brother Fred
Name Used Cp Ma Eliza Gibbons
Death 1 Nov 1890 (age 67) Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Burial 1966 Easton, Pennsylvania

Child 2: James POWLING

Name: James POWLING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ann SMITH (c. 1821-1847)
Children: Clarissa Smith POWLING (1846-1926)
Charles POWLING (1850- )
Birth 1825 Needham Market, Suffolk, England
Death Sep 1876 (age 50-51) London, Middlesex, England

Note on Husband: Charles POWLING

Note on Wife: Hannah CURTIS

Note on Child 1: Eliza POWLING

Note on Child 2: James POWLING