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Family of Christopher B GIBBONS and Mary Ellen GRAYSON

Husband: Christopher B GIBBONS (1850-1912)
Wife: Mary Ellen GRAYSON (1853-1924)
Marriage Jul 1903 Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Husband: Christopher B GIBBONS

Name: Christopher B GIBBONS
Sex: Male
Father: Edward GIBBONS (1819-1870)
Mother: Eliza POWLING (1823-1890)
Birth 13 Apr 1850 Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Birthdate & Month found and confirmed in Birthday book of Rosin Amy Cunnold
held by Shirley Funk - Clews (Nee Cunnold)
Inscribed June 27 1890
From her loving brother Fred
Name used Christopher B Gibbons
Death 26 Dec 1912 (age 62) Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Wife: Mary Ellen GRAYSON

Name: Mary Ellen GRAYSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 Jan 1853
Death 15 Dec 1924 (age 71) Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Note on Husband: Christopher B GIBBONS