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Family of William Henry KEON and Hannah Edith HALLINAN

Husband: William Henry KEON ( -1956)
Wife: Hannah Edith HALLINAN ( -1950)
Children: William Norman Plunket KEON (1907-1986)

Husband: William Henry KEON

Name: William Henry KEON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1956 New Zealand

Wife: Hannah Edith HALLINAN

Name: Hannah Edith HALLINAN
Sex: Female
Father: Michael Joseph HALLINAN (1842-1920)
Mother: Margaret FRAWLEY (c. 1846-1893)
Death 1950 New Zealand

Child 1: William Norman Plunket KEON

Name: William Norman Plunket KEON
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Sep 1907 New Zealand
Death 1986 (age 78-79) New Zealand